History of the Inn

The Stockade Inn is located at the corner of Union and Church Streets in the historic Stockade District of Schenectady, New York. As one of the City's oldest structures, the building and it's site are rich in history. In 1661 Arendt VanCurler, known as the founder of Schenectady, purchased from the Indians a tract of land on the lower Mohawk known as "the Great Flat". It was subdivided into house-lots and the entire area was enclosed and fortified with stockades. Van Curler's lot was at the corner of Union and Church Streets. In the late 1600s, the site housed the Van Curler family, the Sheriff of Schenectady, and was even a tavern for a few years until attacked and burned by the French and Indians in 1690. It continued to be the location for a private family residence housing the Veeder family and descendants for 127 years.

The historic Stockade District sits on the banks of the Mohawk River and in 1814 the property at the corner of Union and Church Streets was commercially used to house the Mohawk Bank. Much of the present building was constructed around 1818, and the massive block vault in the cellar is evidence of its use as a bank. Banking business was conducted on the first floor and residence quarters for the chief teller were on the second floor.

In 1853 the building became a private home, and continued as such for nearly 20 years. In 1868 it was owned by Edward C. Delavan who was an organizer of the New York Temperance Society.

In 1872 the building was purchased by the Union School, an organized free school system in Schenectady with a Board of Education, an early public high school system. The classical department of the Union School was located here for 32 years.

In 1904, the building was purchased and extensively remodeled by the Mohawk Club, a private men's social club with a rich history dating back to 1885. In it's heyday, with members topping 600, the building was an exclusive location for dining, entertaining and business dealings for men only. The Mohawk Club still meets and entertains here, but the Club sold the building in June 2003 to the McDonald family, lifelong Schenectadians. The McDonald family lives and works in the Stockade area and they saw the opportunity to acquire this historic property, to preserve its character, and to open it to the public so all can experience one of the treasures of Schenectady. In addition to The Stockade Inn, the McDonald Family also owns Pinhead Susan's Pub and The Van Dyck Restaurant and Lounge.

Since its construction in 1818, additions and alterations to the building have increased the size to its present 20,000 square feet. The building has three floors in addition to a sprawling cellar and large attic. The McDonalds have taken great care to maintain the grandeur of the building while renovating to accommodate the needs of a modern restaurant, banquet facility and Inn. The fine dining restaurant and two banquet rooms occupy the first floor, along with the cocktail lounge and Stockade Bar, a copper-topped antique bar acquired by the McDonalds and placed in an area once used as the business office of the Mohawk Club. By looking beneath the surface, elegant ceilings, marble fireplaces, and wood panels were discovered and restored to offices, and in the near future, nine renovated overnight guest rooms. The private dining rooms are perfect for business meetings, luncheons and dinners, and have been updated with high speed Internet access and telephone ports. The renovations on the third floor are complete and nine Inn Rooms each with private baths, each beautifully decorated, are open and available for overnight guests. The Inn now houses eighteen overnight rooms.

As you explore this historic property, a cornerstone of the Stockade District, we invite you to think back to before the Civil War, to imagine the original construction taking place when President Lincoln was merely nine years old, to imagine the people who have lived, dined, and celebrated here over the years, and we hope you enjoy your own Stockade Inn experience and will return again soon.

About the Stockade neighborhood

The Stockade Inn is the only hotel in Schenectady located in an historic residential neighborhood. The Stockade Historic District is one of the oldest and best preserved neighborhoods in the United States, with roots dating back to a 17th century Dutch colonial trading settlement.

The Stockade Historic District was home to all of Schenectady's most important 17th, 18th and 19th century figures. Over a hundred architectural landmarks survive virtually intact. The Stockade Historic District offers examples of nearly every architectural type, period and style of residential and religious buildings dating from ca. 1690 to 1930. The Stockade, as it is called by the local population, is a neighborhood where a high-density, slow paced, urban character prevails.

A neighborhood of private homes, apartments and professional offices, the Stockade is the historic center of Schenectady. Restored in the 1950's and 60's, the Stockade was recognized as New York State's first historic district. It is the most heavily populated area of the city and lies just to the north of downtown adjacent to the Mohawk River. Unique in the United States, the Stockade contains original buildings that are excellent representatives of architectural styles from the 1690's through the 1960's. Dutch Colonial, English Colonial, Federal, Georgian, Queen Anne and other Victorian styles are all well represented. Strict zoning rules have protected the area since the 1960's. The Stockade survived only because of two events. A fire in 1819 destroyed the warehousing and business district that stretched between Washington Avenue and the Binnekill. Shortly thereafter, the Erie Canal was built along the course of what is now Erie Boulevard. This isolated the Stockade, and future business development took place east of the newly built canal. Thus the Stockade was insulated from the repeated redevelopment that marks the history of nearly all of America's city centers.

Visitors to the Stockade can enjoy walking tours of the historic landmarks, quiet strolls along the river in Riverside Park, or the convenience of numerous restaurants, shops and theaters within walking distance of the neighborhood. Business travelers looking for a hotel near GE, SI Group, Knolls Atomic Power Labs or any other Schenectady businesses will find this to be the perfect location.

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About the Stockade Inn

The Stockade Inn is located at the corner of Union and Church Streets in the historic Stockade District of Schenectady, New York.